My Mission

To provide outstanding customer service and computer support to every one of my clients.  I treat each customer and each situation independently, and do my best to provide each one with the tools they need to empower them to use their technology as they need.  There is no "technology box" in my world.  We need to think outside the box.

Jeff Comfort has been my Mac service technician for 10 years. He is extremely knowledgeable; there has never been a problem he couldn’t figure out. He is dedicated to his work and provides outstanding customer service. His expertise also goes well beyond the computer itself. Jeff has an abundance of experience with various software programs, third party programming tools and hardware for Mac systems. All of this knowledge and expertise combined makes Jeff an “all-star” in the world of Mac service technicians. There is no one better to service your Mac in the Twin Cities area.
— Chris and Stephanie Laskowski - owners of C. Vision Productions and Bliss Wedding Video

Services Performed

  • Consulting and Solutions for Computer Systems

  • Regular Onsite Support Contracts

  • Software Upgrades and Installation

  • Apple Macintosh Hardware Repair - Apple Hardware Certified

  • Setup and Installation of Apple Systems

  • Macintosh Server Support

  • Networking and Wireless Support

  • Assistance and Training

A Little About Me

When I was 10 years old, my dad bought an Apple IIc to use for his business, which was a bicycle shop in St. Anthony, MN.  I jumped right into using that Apple, and eventually began to work with the Macintosh platform in junior high school.  I continued to learn everything I could about the Apple products, from using the software to learning about AppleTalk, and the primitive networking options back in the 80's.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to manage various retail stores, including a couple of bicycle shops, since I still loved the family bicycle hobby and the business.  This allowed me to enrich my customer service skills and realize how much I enjoy working with people and presenting to them a product I have a passion about.

In 2004, I became a member of the FirstTech family of employees.  I had been a customer of theirs for quite some time and developed some great relationships with the staff before I came on board.  During my decade of employment at FT, I went from being the "beginner" of the service staff to one of the system engineers working one on one with both our home based and corporate based customers.  My passion for Apple products grew even more as I witnessed how others were using them and helped my customers figure out how to make their systems work even better for their needs.

On March 29th, 2014, FirstTech became part of the history books of Minneapolis.  An unfortunate turn of events handed down from their primary creditor forced them to shut the doors, leaving 75 people without work.  Even worse, it left a huge Mac community without the support and service they have grown to love and rely upon.

Here's where I come in to your picture....I am now providing that same quality of service to the past customers of FirstTech and to the ever-growing Apple community.  The people who purchase Apple computers are not just computer users, they are part of a community of people who see the potential of the Apple brand of technology.  As we become joined by this incredible product, we can also become joined by the need of the Apple community - people like you - to get the best support in the cities.

I hope to be that person for you.  I hope to be that person who can take you to that next step to using and enjoying your technology and letting it truly enhance your life.

Thank you,

Jeff Comfort

Comfort Mac Solutions, LLC, Computers Hardware, Software & Services, Coon Rapids, MN